Forest Management Services in Carthage, NY

Since 1987, Northwoods Forestry has provided a broad range of expert forestry services to customers throughout Northern New York State. Our services include timber sales and supervision, as well as a broad range of forestry services like forest management plans, boundary line maintenance, food plots and timber theft investigations. Contact us today for friendly service from professionals who care.

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  • We practice exceptional attention to detail to prevent confusion and misunderstandings. Our goal is to always spell things out plainly, so everyone is on the same page.
  • We’re founded on principles of fairness, honesty, responsibility and a good work ethic. Count on us to always be pleasant and personable when you speak with us!
  • Our service area extends to all of Lewis County, St. Lawrence County, Oneida County, Jefferson County and Oswego County, NY.
  • We’ve been in the forestry business since 1987, giving us decades of experience and unbeatable insight into any questions you have or services you need.
  • We are proud to be veteran owned and operated.


Your Experienced Consultant Forester

Properly maintaining your forestry operations by hiring an experienced forester to assist you with the many aspects of landownership. Northwoods Forestry is pleased to provide a complete scope of forest management services in Carthage, NY, focused primarily on sustainable management and conservation. We work hard to ensure benefits for both landowners and the forest itself!

Our primary areas of focus include everything having to do with timber sales and supervision, as well as other general forestry services in Carthage, NY. For landowners looking to profit from their timber, we can assist with sustainable marking and logging supervision, as well as bidding and sales to ensure you’re getting the maximum return for your timber. When it comes to more general forestry services, look to us for help with forest management plans, boundary identification and marking, feed plots and timber theft investigations. We strive to ensure your land is moderated properly, regardless of how you’re using it or what needs it may have.

We care about the forests and the land we help to maintain, and believe it’s our duty to remain diligent in maintaining best practices that guarantee the longevity and integrity of your timber. Let us help you manage your forestry operations in the best possible way, now and for the future.


Need Forestry Services?

Let Northwoods Forestry assist you with timber sales and supervision, as well as other forestry services like forest management plans and boundary line maintenance. Contact us today!

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